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Annie Gigilotti LAc, RN. 

Annie Gigilotti LAc, RN. 

As a young lady, my exposure to healthcare and wellness was quite thorough. Coming from a large family of doctors and nurses, I frequented hospitals and clinics to show support and compassion.  Throughout my formative years I witnessed births, surgeries, rehabilitation, recoveries and beyond. It was through this exposure I developed a desire  to understand the human body and its capacity for healing.  Knowing this from a young age motivated my education in the field of healthcare.  In 2000,  I obtained a Bachelors in Nursing Science from Newman University, beginning a new path in healthcare by immersing myself in hospitals, clinics and private homes throughout California and the world. 

Proudly working in diverse environments broadened my healthcare experience. It deepened my passion and curiosity to offer my patients, family and colleagues MORE.  Expanding my scope of practice and abilities came from 5 years of diligent studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Graduating with honors at Emperors College in 2013 catapulted my awareness and abilities as a Primary Care Provider into a reality.  The honor to possess two magnificent styles of medicine in one setting is a unique and remarkable experience. 

Below is a collection of hospitals, clinics and volunteering

St Johns Hospital, Santa Monica CA

Stanford University Medical Center,  Palo Alto CA

Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara CA

Doctors Choice Nursing, Pacific Palisades CA

Disney Cancer Center, Burbank CA

Venice Family Clinic, Los Angeles CA

American Health Institute, Los Angeles CA

Emperors College Clinic, Santa Monica CA

The Stable, Malibu CA

The Harrison Orthopedic Institute, Glendale CA

Cypress Center, Pacific Palisades CA

Malibu Chiropractic, Pt Dume CA

Shangri La Clinic, La Garita Costa Rica

Syrv: Clean Water Outreach, Nicaragua

La Restinga Yarina Cocha, Peru