Be Well Integration

              The philosophy of integrating Acupuncture with Nursing is to resurrect a medicine that is innovative, effective & sustainable for all patients.  The harmonious combination of Western and Eastern medicine, utilizes ancient & contemporary sciences to deliver monumental care. Be Well Integrative Acupuncture specialities include Internal Medicine, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Addiction & Behavioral Health.

Be Well Assessment

               It is advised to prepare a detailed medical history & physical documenting issues, medications & procedures. Consent and confidentiality forms must be agreed upon and signed before treatment, ensuring the safety of both patient and practitioner. 

A typical visit will include, but not limited to these assessments

  •  Vital Signs                   

  • Review of Systems - History & Physical                                       

  • Tongue/Pulse Inspection                                       

  • Physical & Orthopedic Tests           

  • Radiology & Hematology Results                                       

  • Diet & Exercise Regime                     




Privacy Policy

All charting, documentation and medical records are retained in a secure location per HIPPA regulations.